History (Pre-1982) -

When the properties where purchased, the location was known as the “The Rediger Ranch” on the west side of Highway 101 and “The Scroggins Ranch” on the east side of Highway 101.  The Rediger Ranch ran from Highway 101 all the way up to San Marcos Road crossing the San Marcos Creek ….  Unfortunately, the land facing San Marcos Road was sold off years earlier.

The Rediger Ranch (1982)

Once owned and operated by Glenn Ernest Rediger and family.

The homes …

img_2926  img_2927

The Guest house (site of the current tasting room)


The stables / barn … (these building are still existing, now known as the Winery, Crush Pad, and Events Center)

img_2929  img_2930

The equipment area (still existing, now a enclosed tractor barn)


The land …

img_2934 img_2933

The Scroggins Ranch (1982)

Once owned and operated by the Scroggins family.

The land (after highway 101 and Southern Pacific Railroad bisected it)

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